Top Norwegian Fjords You Absolutely Have To See Before You Die

Top Norwegian Fjords You Absolutely Have To See Before You Die

It is quite impossible to see a fjord up close and not want to do this again and again. The Norwegian fjords are simply stunning, sights that are incredible and great places More »

Barcelona experience: The best activities, accommodation, and food

Barcelona experience: The best activities, accommodation, and food

In the center of the city there is a stone statue which says “Barcelona – inspira!”, something which is of course, very true. For most visitors, Barcelona inspires living to the full More »

Five Places To Travel To See Some Amazing Art

Five Places To Travel To See Some Amazing Art

If you are inspired and delighted at the sight of amazing art, whether it’s a beautiful painting or a beautiful building, there are many places around the world that you can travel More »

Why There is More to Visit in the South East of England Than Just London!

Why There is More to Visit in the South East of England Than Just London!

The South East of England is one of the most travelled to destinations in Europe, if not the world, for one big metropolitan reason – it is home to London. People from More »

Holidays in Ibiza: Make use of your summer… The Party way!

Holidays in Ibiza: Make use of your summer… The Party way!

As the year is coming to a close and raindrops hit the windows, most people are thinking back to the fading memories of the wonderful summer days spent somewhere around the Mediterranean More »


How to Find the Perfect Holiday Home That Exceeds Your Expectations

amazing architecture holiday home

A holiday home is something that people can spend years, even decades saving up for, so when the time comes to makea purchase, you want to be sure you’re making the best move. A holiday home is something that can look very different for people, and your idea of perfection may not be the next person’s. This is exactly why you want to take your time, formulate an idea of what a holiday home means to you, and then go about your search in a methodical manner.

In order to aid you in the process, here are some steps and tips you can follow when shopping for the perfect holiday home.

Look for Something Low Maintenance

The whole point of a holiday home is to offer you a retreat, a place where you can go and relax. It’s not going to be very relaxing if you spend your entire time there doing chores and maintenance on the place. This is why it can be wise to look for something low maintenance,such as a condo.

With condos,you won’t have to worry about the outside grounds. This means things like gardening, watering the lawn, and cutting the grass won’t be on your “to do” list.Big ticket items like replacing a roof and/or new windows won’t be your problem either.

Take a look at Ormond Renaissance Condominiums as an example. Here you would be located right in the heart of Ormond Beach, FL, so you’ll have that beach lifestyle, but without all the headaches involved.

Beach homeDo You Want to Be Near a Beach?

For some, a holiday home may also entail beachside living. If that’s the case, you’ll want to look for something beachside or within walking distance. Chances are you won’t feel like packing up the car with all your beach necessities each time you want to go for a quick swim.

Will You Be Hosting Guests on a Regular Basis?

Another thing to consider is whether or not you will be hosting guests on a regular basis. If so, this will affect the size of your holiday home. If you’re just looking for a home for a couple or a small family, obviously, you can get by with much less space. The bigger the gatherings you plan on holding, the more space you will probably want.

How Easy Is It to Get To?

Accessibility should be another factor you consider. How easy is it to reach your vacation home from your regular home? Is it within driving distance, a non-stop flight, or are you going to need to take multiple types of transportation just to arrive because it’s in a remote location? For some, the more remote it is,the better, whereas others want to get to the home easily and quickly.

Holiday in the countyA Vacation Home That Matches Your Lifestyle

Keeping these factors in mind as you shop for that perfect vacation home will help ensure that you find something that not only meets your budget but just as importantly, matches up with your lifestyle.

Top Norwegian Fjords You Absolutely Have To See Before You Die

Norway fjord

It is quite impossible to see a fjord up close and not want to do this again and again. The Norwegian fjords are simply stunning, sights that are incredible and great places to experience adventures of different kinds. The only problem is choosing just a few. That is hard.

Based on the experience of people at the Travel Tipsor blog, the following need to be considered. Obviously, the choice is subjective so you do want to conduct your very own extra research.


Nordfjord is highly popular because of the blend of fun activities available, historic sites and scenery. It does not really matter what the season is with this fjord. There are always many things that you can see and you can even enjoy a boat cruise that takes you through the fjord region, adding activities like water skiing, speed boating, fishing, canoeing and rafting. Snow skiing on glaciers and slopes is possible during the winter.


When compared with other Norway fjords, Lysefjord is quite small. However, hundreds of thousands of visitors go there every single year. A large part of the appeal is Pulpit Rock. Its flat plateau offers quite an interesting adrenaline rush. Just look for pictures and you will have the same feeling. If you are looking for some rock climbing or great photos, make sure that you also consider Kjerag Mountain, which is nearby.


This is the third largest of the world’s fjords but size is not the only appeal. The entire region is vibrant, being located in the wonderful Orchard Of Norway, filled with gardens and colorful fruit trees. You will want to visit during the month of May as apple trees blossom. Kayaking will be a great activity for travellers and if you are in the area, make sure that you visit the most spectacular of Norway’s waterfall, Voringsfossen.


The scenery here is filled with really majestic mountains and deep blue waters. That is why the fjord is really popular among tourists. We recommend that you consider being on a sightseeing cruise and that you visit Seven Sisters, a really beautiful waterfall. You can go winter skiing, fishing is great and you will love river rafting in the region. Hiking is also great because of the dramatic views you will see.


Last but not least, Sognefjord needs to be included on any list of the most spectacular fjords in Norway. It is the largest and offers so many great opportunities for adventure and fun. The most popular of the sightseeing options include Urnes, Aurlandsdalen Valley and the Gudvangen Viking Village.


These 5 fjords are simply wonderful and you will want to consider a visit to any of them but, as we already mentioned, the choice can be quite subjective. You need to be sure that you look at all the fjords that Norway has to offer. Most of them offer a unique experience that you will surely appreciate. Plan your vacation carefully and be sure that you will love what you will experience.

3 Ways to Make Your Business Look High Class Without the High-Class Budget


Every business wants to have the appeal of a high-class company, but most can’t afford the budget that comes with it. Well, who says you can’t act the part for much less? There are so many ways that you can promote your company’s image in a sophisticated way without going into debt; you just need to be creative. Check out some of the three ways you can make your business look high class without the high-class budget.


Marketing is going to be your ally in this situation. With the right marketing, you can make anything possible. Get your marketing team working on ways to creating branding and advertisements that demonstrate your quality. Everything from signage, to logos, to swag, to digital marketing can be done to create a certain appeal, and thanks to technology, it can now be done quickly and cheaply. Obviously, you’ll need to spend some money here, as there’s a huge difference in standard computer paper versus a high-gloss cardstock. However, you don’t need a million dollar budget to look the part.

Luxury CarTransportation

Make a statement when you arrive by opting for higher class transportation. Instead of driving your Kia to the next business meeting, consider renting a luxury car or opting for an Uber Black. These rentals are more cost-effective than you think, especially since you don’t need to rent them for extended periods of time. When you arrive at an event or meeting with a luxury car, it says a lot more about your business than you would ever imagine.

In addition to general car travel, consider stepping up your game when it comes to air travel too. Instead of flying coach, consider upgrading to business class. It may cost you a bit more, but with all the perks and the available travel rewards cards out there, you can earn free flights and other incentives that make it worth it.

Depending on your needs, you can also look into the top private charter flights. These are a lot less expensive and can be the perfect way to make your business stand out.


Your space says a lot about you, so it’s important to get one that screams luxury. Unfortunately, renting that office in that highrise with the great view is often out of budget, and that’s okay. You have two choices: you can either spend the money sprucing up your own space, or you can opt for a virtual office.

To spruce up your space, you’ll need to spend money on furniture, décor, and possibly construction. Open concepts that use glass and lots of light are so much more impressive than standard cubicles and Ikea furniture, so if you can work this into your budget, do it.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford to tackle a major overhaul, consider the perks of a virtual office. These are spaces typically in luxury buildings that allow you to rent conference rooms and offices when you need them. They’re typically fully staffed with a receptionist too, so you can create the look of a high-class office without the high rent.

Don’t waste time swimming with the other midsize businesses out there and instead use these tips to get in with the big dogs and show off your company in a way that will attract the right people.


Barcelona experience: The best activities, accommodation, and food


In the center of the city there is a stone statue which says “Barcelona – inspira!”, something which is of course, very true. For most visitors, Barcelona inspires living to the full and trying all the best it has to offer. Within its 101 km² you can find everything you need for a vacation, from architecture and gourmet restaurants to sun, natural parks, sea, beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Of course you want to try everything, right? So, here are some tips on how to fit it all in during your trip if you are in Barcelona for only few days. Don’t miss them!

The activitiesbarcelona-activities

 Barcelona is a Catalan city that has a history spanning millennia, but as the city we know today it was founded by the Romans around 1 BC as Barcino. Today, Barcelona is the second largest city by number of inhabitants in Spain and the 10th of the European Union.

Like most European cities, Barcelona includes an old town that’s full of history with medieval gothic (and neo-gothic) style structures, in addition ancient buildings of Roman antiquity. Outside this area Art Nouveau monuments flooded in after the turn of the century, especially along Passeig de Gracia where you’ll find masterpieces from Gaudí – like La Pedrera and Casa Batlló – and beautiful street lamps designed by Per Falkesa. If you walk down Carrer de Provença from La Pedrera, you’ll end up at the Sagrada Familia, said by many to be Gaudí’s piece de resistance.

The Sagrada Familia deserves to be mentioned in it’s own right. All the work on this building is paid for by private donations and ticket profits. It’s possible that the construction will be finished within 10 years, despite being started in 1882! A stunning building, both outside and inside. If you plan to visit the cathedral, then it’s highly recommended that you to buy a ticket in advance online to avoid large queues.

barcelona-accommodationAnd if you want to know a little bit more about Catalan Art Nouveau, you should visit Palau de la Musica Catalana, a concert hall in Barcelona that is located in the center. You can visit all these monuments in a day if you plan well! The best way to end this cultural day out is to see the Magic Fountain in the Plaça d’Espanya area. Make sure to check the schedule in advance here because some nights it does not run. In this same area you can visit “Las Arenas” shopping mall, converted from a bullfighting ring (a practice banned in Catalonia). On the roof you can enjoy an observation deck and get some drinks.

There are of course many other monuments you could see in Barcelona, but you’ll need more than 1 or 2 days to do it!


The accommodation

If you are in Barcelona only for few days, you’ll definitely want to get a feel for the authentic city spirit. The easiest way is to book a vacation apartment in Barcelona, a cheaper and more comfortable type of accommodation – not to mention you will have an entire apartment to yourself with a kitchen and a salon where you can to chill-out after a long day. In Barcelona, it’s also pretty easy to find vacation rentals that include a nice terrace too. There are a lot of options in the center, but if you search even slightly outside of the city centre you can easily find cheaper accommodation in Barcelona, for example on this page.


The food

The Spanish know how to eat well! You’ll find a strong love for bread here. From bocattas and bocadillos to magdalenas, croissants and thousands types of pastries for all times in the day! You can go to any “Panaderia” see for yourself. In Catalonia, one bread dish you should try is ‘pa amb tomàquet‘ – it’s a lightly toasted baguette sliced in half, scrapped with tomato and complimented with olive oil. Simple but delicious.

For lunch, you might also visit one of Barcelona’s markets: La Boqueria, Santa Caterina, Mercat de la Llibertat or the market of Sagrada Familia. Here you can try products from different regions of Spain and of course ‘tapas‘. If you want to try something special, you can go to a little known place hidden from eyes – El Nacional Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia, 24 Bis, where you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere and tasty tapas, as well as small sandwiches with different fillings like squid, octopus, chorizo, and many other things.

For a strong Spanish vibe you may want to dine at a restaurant that offers authentic tapas, like Flauta for example. It’s a place with 25 years of history and there is always a line for entry, so it’s highly recommended to book your visit. Here you’ll enjoy some seafood tapas dishes that are almost legendary amongst residents. You could also try their famous fried Camembert with raspberry jam. For more seafood, you can visit ‘La Paradeta‘, a seafood restaurant where you can choose what kind of fish you want and the way it’s prepared. But you must like a seafood very much, because you will have to adjust to their timetable. This restaurant is closed for siesta.

Barcelona has a good choice of places for vegans too. The hip and vibrant Raval district is where you will find multiple places to grab dishes like vegan hamburgers and fresh juices. Oh… Traveling from one bar to another is a kind of a tradition here in Barcelona, so be ready to get around a few bars per night…

And remember, no matter, how long you are going to stay at the city, don’t panic if you don’t get to see everything! There’s just too much! Simply enjoy the city at your own pace and no matter how much you see -even if you think you’ve seen it all – you’ll always leave Barcelona wanting to come back…

How to Pack & Prepare for an Extended Outdoor Adventure


Extended outdoor trips require more preparation and packing. Unlike other trips or vacations, you don’t always have access to a general store or outdoor gear shop in case you forget something. Follow these tips to prepare for your next extended outdoor adventure.

Research the Gear You Need

The gear you’ll need for your trip depends on the environment, the time of year and the activities you’ll engage in. Once you’ve confirmed your destination, length of trip, and the dates, make a checklist of the gear you’ll need. If you don’t know where to start or if this is your first long-term outdoor trip, find someone else’s list online.

Above all, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Compare prices, read the descriptions, compare specs and, most importantly, read reviews of others who have used the same product. You don’t need to buy everything brand new. A general rule of thumb is that if it comes into close contact with your body, things like tents, sleeping pads, clothing and shoes, purchase it new. Otherwise, look into renting or purchasing lightly used outdoor gear.

back packingFind the Perfect Pack

The perfect backpack will be comfortable, durable, protective and long lasting. Look for packs with multiple compartments, an internal frame, a padded back, hip belt, shoulder strap and are made from water resistant material. Not all backpacks are the same size, so before purchasing, head into an outdoor gear store and ask a sales representative to assist you in finding your size and try one on. The pack should be proportional to your body to ensure proper weight distribution.

Invest in Good Footwear

Unless you need specific footwear such as rock climbing shoes or snowboard boots, you should survive your extended outdoor trip with two pairs of shoes. One pair for resting in (like flip-flops, loafers, Teva sandals, Birkenstocks, etc.) and another pair that you’ll be putting your miles on, like hiking boots. Choose a pair of boots that are made for long distances, extended wear, and that provide support and protection.

Layer Up Your Clothing

Your destination dictates the clothes you’ll need to pack. If you’ll be spending most of your time in a tropical place, layers are not as important (although bring plenty of sun protection). Packing layers for anywhere else you go is your best bet to stay comfortable.

Layering generally involves three steps. The base layer should be wool or synthetic for moisture management. The mid-layer should be wool, fleece or down to keep you warm. The shell layer is meant to protect you from the elements such as wind, rain or snow. In addition to your three layers, you’ll need hats, gloves, bandanas, undergarments and socks.

backpackPack Light & Efficient

Put everything you think you’ll need in a big pile, then cut that pile in half and pack just that. The biggest regret you’ll have during your trip is over-packing. You’ll be in the middle of nowhere and you’ll be lugging around those pairs of jeans you never wear, all those extra toiletries and any makeup or jewelry you thought you’d need. Only pack items that are essential, have multiple functions or pack extremely small.


5 Items To Pack For Your Next Tourist Destination


It’s vacation time! Which means, it’s vacation packing time! Which means, it’s time to make a list, check it twice, think about time, space, and money, and then you should be good to go. But, depending on how experienced you are at traveling, you may not be super confident in your packing choices, especially for things other than clothes.

So, to help you out, consider the list of the following five items: a good multi-tool, a camera other than your phone, extra chargers, your favorite snacks, and medicine that you’re most familiar with.

A Good Multi-tool

You won’t be able to have it with you as a carry-on, but buying a good multi-tool and packing it to go with you is going to be a good idea. You never know when you’re going to need basic tools for things out on your vacation, so it’s very smart to have easy access to a small knife and basic gadgets like a screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, etc. Especially if you’re going somewhere exotic, keep that tool with you at all times!

CameraA Camera Other Than Your Phone

Many people think that just having their phone camera on vacation is going to be fine. Well, if you don’t mind running out of batteries, or missing shots because your phone is slow, or running out of space, or losing quality because of automatic adjustments, that totally fine. Otherwise, look up some good digital cameras and buy the one that fits your budget and your intended quality goal, and spend the money early so you can practice a bit.

Extra Chargers

Having extra chargers for your phone is an absolute must. You don’t always know where outlets are going to be, so knowing you have a few battery sticks means that you can avoid a tremendous amount of anxiety. Make sure you use the batteries a few times in advance to see how long they last, and how long they take to charge as well, because every brand is different.

SnacksYour Favorite Snacks

There can be a bit of a nutritional shock at tourist destinations as well, and even if you don’t bring a lot of food with you, it’s not a bad idea to at least have a small collection of your favorite snacks. And these can either be for the trip itself, or for when you get to your destination and are just getting your bearings.

Familiar Medicine

And finally, sometimes it’s tough to tell what kind of medicine they’re going to have at foreign locations. So if you have preferred medicines like pain killers, or cold and flu medicine, or allergy medicine, be sure to bring that with you as well, to avoid potential trouble.


Five Places To Travel To See Some Amazing Art

Luxor Temple

If you are inspired and delighted at the sight of amazing art, whether it’s a beautiful painting or a beautiful building, there are many places around the world that you can travel to see art of all kinds. There are so many places you can go that there just isn’t room for them all in this little article.

Maybe you enjoy seeing statues, and learning about the culture behind them and behind the buildings of which you enjoy their architecture. Or, maybe you like to look at pottery and paintings. Whatever your love of art revolves around, you can base an entire vacation on traveling to various places just to enjoy the art that they are home to.

Detroit, MI

If you want to stay in your own backyard, or country anyway, Detroit offers much art and culture for art lovers. From an art museum, to beautiful classic buildings, you’ll fall in love with this city. Detroit has been down on it’s luck for some time, but is now the comeback city.

You can find art down barren streets as well, depending on your view of what is artistic and what is vandalism. Detroit is also home to some wonderful art galleries, including Park West Gallery that offer a unique way to view art.

LouvreParis, France

Paris is home to much art and history, and if you ever get to France you really need to make sure you go there. From The Thinker to Mona Lisa, Paris is art culture at its finest. You will find small galleries and large galleries.

Even if you never set foot in an actual gallery or museum, you will see art simply walking through the streets of paris. However, if you are truly an art aficionado, you will want to visit the art history museums as to not miss some amazing works.

Luxor, Egypt

If ancient Egypt has always been an attraction of yours, then visiting Luxor will be your coupe de grace. You will see pyramids and mummies, and you will get your fill of hieroglyphs. The Luxor Museum is a one stop shop for all things ancient Egypt.

An eight hour drive from Luxor to Giza can finish off your visit with the amazing view of the Sphinx.

Rome, Italy

Rome is another place full of art history that you will remember for the rest of your life. From outdoor sculptures to indoor museums, you can find ancient Gods and Goddesses and more. You may also enjoy a visit to the ruins of the Colosseum.

Rome is a great place to roam (pun intended) if you are a lover of the arts. Do not forget to take your camera with you on this wonderful trip back in time.

krakowKrakow, Poland

Krakow is not just home to many art museums, even off the wall small ones, but it is also host to a lot of cultural festivals, allowing you to see art in motion. Some people actually refer to Krakow as the city of art, so it is a must stop on your art vacation!

5 Health and Safety Tips For Your Next Tourist Trip


Yes, vacations and tourism plans are all about fun, enjoyment, and pleasure, but that doesn’t mean that you can leave health and safety behind! In fact, it’s not a bad idea to put health and safety at the forefront of your next trip so that there aren’t going to be any unfortunate incidents that turn the vacation into an expensive waste.

People get injured on vacations. They get sick. They get food poisoning. It’s important to know what to do in all of these instances, so consider the five following tips during your planning process, including knowing how to reach a doctor, taking care of prescriptions in advance, having info about your health insurance provider, keeping a first aid kit, and avoiding doing dangerous things alone.

Know How To Reach A Doctor

You may not exactly trust the medical staff at a hospital in a remote tourist location, which is why being able to contact an online doctor may be the best thing that ever happened to you if you get injured or are sick while out on vacation. A few clicks and some pieces of information about your situation, and a trained doctor can give you the basics about what to do next.

PrescriptionsBring Your Labeled Prescriptions

You don’t want to have to mess with getting new prescription drugs while you’re out traveling as well, so be sure to have them in their properly labeled containers when you take off for your next journey. If you’re flying, be sure to follow airline rules about prescription drugs so that you don’t end up getting stuck in customs for some reason or another, at your departure or at your destination.

Know How To Contact Your Health Insurance Provider

Being able to contact your health insurance provider is a big deal as well if you’re out traveling. Depending on the country you’re in, you may have fewer choices when it comes to medical care, which is why you need to have a phone number, web address, and basic insurance info at the ready.

First AidKeep a First Aid Kit With You

And it’s a smart idea to buy a small first aid kit while you’re at your destination as well. Even things as simple as bandaids and ointment will help keep down the possibility of infection if you get scratched when you’re out on a jungle tour.

Avoid Traveling Completely Alone

And a final tip, in terms of vacation health and safety, is that you try to avoid doing too much when you’re completely by yourself. Always have a partner, a guide, or some sort of people around, because having a medical emergency alone somewhere remote spells serious trouble.


Why There is More to Visit in the South East of England Than Just London!


The South East of England is one of the most travelled to destinations in Europe, if not the world, for one big metropolitan reason – it is home to London. People from all over the world put London on their travel bucket lists, for its heritage, iconic landmarks, great nightlife and world renowned culture, and it is thought even by those who live there that it would take more than a lifetime to see everything the city has to offer.

However, if you are going to the South East of England, limiting your experience to London might be doing yourself and the region a disservice. There are loads of great towns and cities close to London, and getting out of the city into some vastly different surroundings is very easy with all of London’s train and coach connections. Here are some places you could see:


Surrey is a quintessentially English county, and one of the wealthiest in the UK. Many of the people who live in Surrey’s towns work in London, and you can get from the centre of the city to places like Guildford in under 40 minutes by train. Here you will find charming countryside and quaint villages, as well as good shopping and plenty to do in the larger towns like Woking and Guildford.


The Bluewater shopping centre in Dartford, Kent is a great destination for any kind of shopping, featuring 300 shops, 50 restaurants, and free parking for 13,000 cars. It is also, as you might expect, easy to get to by public transport. If you love to shop or are visiting the South East specifically for a major shopping spree, you may find this even more convenient than many of London’s major shopping locations like Oxford Street and Westfield.


Another lovely county close to London you could explore is Buckinghamshire. Like Surrey, this is a well-to-do part of the UK, with plenty of attractive countryside and forests for walks – making it a great place to get some greenery after spending time in the city. A good place to stay here is this great hotel Milton Keynes, which is a fairly large, modern city with lots of amenities that will give you easy access to all Buckinghamshire’s more peaceful attractions.


If you want to check out the coast, a great place to visit from London is Brighton. Renowned for its vibrant nightlife as well as being a great example of British seaside towns, Brighton is now a particularly young and fashionable place, where you can find quirky, interesting shops and restaurants. Brighton was a popular place to go for London’s 1960’s mods, and you can still see a lot of the influence of that period in Brighton’s fashion and the décor of many of the hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars.

These are just a few of the great places you can take in if you leave London during your trip to the South East of England!

5 Tips for Checking House Safety While Buying Property Abroad

Property abroad

There are always safety checks that you should go through when buying a new house, but when that house is abroad, it’s even more important that you handle that kind of business either up front or right away when you move in.

Some of the most common checks will be taken care of when you go through the following five tips, including checking wiring and electrical outlets, being aware of weather-related damage, talking to the neighbors, looking up local home regulations, and being aware of construction laws.

Check the Wiring and Electrical Outlets

The last thing that you want to do is buy a home and then have some accident involving bad wiring, which can cause serious personal damage as well as the potential for fires. So, have a professional work through your electrical systems and check everything out. This applies to electrical sockets, breaker boxes, outlets in wet areas, and making sure, especially abroad again, that the right current and amps are going to the right places.

Be Aware of Weather Related Issues

Different areas of the world have different weather and different types of housing structures. If you’re unfamiliar with an area, you may not know about thing like a propensity for sun damage, or the chance a roof is rain-damaged, until you make it through a whole season. So, as part of your safety check, research weather patterns and typical problems that people in the area might have with homes that have been around about the same time as yours has.

Housing regulationsTalk To the Neighbors

And one way to get some of this regional information, as well as going through other home and neighborhood safety concerns, is by simply talking to your new neighbors. Especially if you’re in close quarters, you want to make friends with them as soon as possible, and they’ll be able to fill you in, even about things like the history of the home, and if it’s ever had problems before.

Look Up Local Regulations

There are also local safety regulations to consider when moving into a new home abroad. Consider that there may be different stipulations about bedrooms in basements, or smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, or the number of people that can park on the property. It’s better to know in advance than be surprised later.

Be Aware of Construction Laws

And finally, if you purchase a home abroad, there may be different laws regarding construction of additions. There are some areas where you can’t construct anything new until something else gets torn down, and you can’t tear something down until you tear everything down. The point of being aware of these construction laws is so that you understand the potential future of the property.