4 Days in Novosibirsk: The Beauty and Serenity of Russia

Novosibirsk night

I alighted at Vokzal Gravny railway station in Novosibirsk from Moscow 2 hours from the time of departure. The cold cut through my skin but thank goodness I had carried my heaviest jacket with me. It took me a full day to be used to the cold. I was fascinated to find most Russians in the Novosibirsk streets do not speak English. Luckily I met a young woman, Hanna, a resident there, who acted as my interpreter during the whole stay.

Russia’s third largest city stands out as one of the dated cities in the country. Through my entire trip, I came across ancient structures, some archival and abandoned at the outskirts of the city. However, the city boasts of breath-taking sceneries that neither of my earlier trips had presented. Just like back at my home city, I either caught a taxi or Metro to all my destinations.

Sceneries I visited

Novosibirsk State MuseumFirst off, I visited the Novosibirsk State Museum. Located at Ploshid Lenina facing the metro station, the building taught me the history of Novosibirsk at a glance. The House of Cabmen and Siberian Modern Art Center are within walking distance from the museum where I learned more about the culture and the lifestyle of the Novosibirsk residents. I then visited the Lenin Square at the city center and the Akademgorodok, both ancient buildings holding historical importance not only to the Novosibirsk residents but to Russians from all walks of life.

I always dreaded to visit the famous Novosibirsk Zoo. In my second day of the trip, I took a taxi, called my interpreter Hanna, and headed out to the zoo. The superfluity of animals and the serene environment left me yearning to visit Novosibirsk more often. The zoo is always awash with tourists, both domestic and international.

Novosibirsk State Academic Opera HouseActivities

The plethora of fun activities that I could carry out in Novosibirsk could not fit in my schedule. On my third day, in the evening, I visited the State Academic Opera House, located at the Lenin Square. The plays there are classic and known worldwide. There are a wide array of ice arenas around the city and I visited one of them to just view the skaters do their thing.

Shopping, Wining and Dining

Thanks to the high number of shopping malls, I carried some of the Novosibirsk goodies with me. I shopped at the Siberian and the Moscow Malls. I tasted Italian and Russian cuisines but was fascinated to come across the People’s Bar and Grill that served British/American delicacies. I slept at the Zokol Hotel located at the Shchetinkina St just a few minutes’ walk from Lenin St. Novosibirsk city has a number of free Wi-Fi spots and even the hotel I slept in offers free Wi-Fi. After the trip, I had learned more than I needed about the history and the culture of Russians. Though the city does not boast a high number of tourists, it is one of the best places I visited in Russia.

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