6 Best Ways to Get Around Vancouver, British Columbia


Travel is all about being in motion and getting to and from different locations. Arriving in a new city with no idea what the preferred local transport methods are is a sure way to get yourself in trouble. It is highly important you know the best way to see a city before you arrive. Luckily, for those visiting Vancouver, British Columbia there are plenty of transportation options! Included here are a few of the best ways to get around Vancouver.

By Foot

According to FunLists, Vancouver is a relatively small city when considering all of the entertainment and culture it has to offer. Thanks to the densification of the downtown area and populus, getting around on foot is perfectly reasonable. Consider strolling from place to place and enjoy the scenic views, health benefits and efficiency of foot travel.Vancouver Bikes

By Bicycle

The ultimate in green-living, biking can be one of the fastest, most earth-friendly modes of transport within a city. While there are many bike rental businesses within Vancouver, the city has plans to create their own bike share program in the future. Depending on the location, you may receive a helmet, bike lock and map with the original fee.

By Bus

The Saltwater City has a thriving bus system run by the Coast Mountain Bus Company’s Translink. You can easily find the well-marked bus stops throughout the city or plan ahead on their easy-to-use online day planner. This service runs throughout the day and offers express and local modes, as well as direct shuttles to certain communities.Vancouver Transport

By SkyTrain

For exceedingly quick transportation throughout the city and to surrounding suburbs, consider riding Vancouver’s own SkyTrain. This transportation method is linked closely with bus routes so you can coordinate public transport easily. If you are waiting at one of the stops, you can expect a new train to arrive within 2-5 minutes, so you can get going quickly! As with the bus line, you can login online to utilize their day planner.

By SeaBus

What better way to view Vancouver than from the water? Utilize the SeaBus for a connection from Vancouver’s Waterfront Station to the North Shore’s Lonsdale Quay. This is a 12-minute ride, passenger-only ferry that doubles as a scenic tour boat. You will also be able to get an unrivaled view of the city and ocean while transporting yourself to a new area of the city.Vancouver Aquabus

By AquaBus

You may be beginning to believe there are too many public transport busses in Vancouver, but you would be mistaken! Another great waterway utilizer, the Aquabus makes multiple stops on False Creek in the center of Vancouver. This transport runs every 20 minutes all day and serves Granville Island as well as multiple Seawall shops, theaters and restaurants.

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