A visit to Vladivostok Via the Trans-Siberian Railway


Since learning about the Trans-Siberian Railway in my lower class at school, it has always been a fascination and dream to make this great leap of experience. The least I knew about it is that it is the world’s longest commuter route, and my destination is at Vladivostok, which is its eastern terminus.

Vladivostok railwayHaving been in transit for almost six nights, I was ready to explore this magnificent city and absorb all that it had on offer. After refreshing at the Comfort Inn hotel – they have superb facilities e.g. Wi-Fi, restaurant, sauna, laundry and a mini-market, I headed out to get myself something to eat.

Lesnaya Zaimka is one of the ancient restaurants in Vladivostok, full of Russian hospitality and welcoming atmosphere of hunting mansion. They offer mouthwatering European, Russian and Caucasian cuisines. I had the opportunity of tasting some of their specials of Manchurian deer and bear meat. Tasteful drinks from the restaurant’s bar list accompanied the meals.

My stay at Vladivostok was not long. Therefore, I had to capture a lot of adventure at a very short time. I am an adventurous and party animal, and I visited Aerotunnel Letim, which is a famous attraction situated in the isolated space of Sports Complex Fetisoy. It is an exhilarating activity worth trying.

Among the places that are a must-visit is the Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet. Not just visitors whose interest is in naval science visit, but who as well want to absorb more regarding the city. Acknowledge its incredible history and experience its unique atmosphere. I saw over forty thousand individual exhibitions, narrating the Pacific Fleet’s chronicles and operating medical devices used in the course of the Russo-Japanese war.

Vladivostok_streetI had to finish my day with a little bit of a jig, and I had a variety of magnificent places to visit. Located close to Vladivostok train station and the sea terminal as well, the nightclub Abordage is the exact place to relax because of the friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The interior design is typically marine style and has a rich cultural effect. Modern musical bands and stylish DJs entertain guests and a concise place to spend the rest of the night.

My concept of Vladivostok was contrary to my experience. The city has friendly and hospitable people who look positively into the future confidently and with hope, though the weather might be a bit chilly for most of the nights.

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