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Wined And Dined In New Zealand


New Zealand is the perfect place to visit if you want to get away from life. My life was monotonous at best. I never even realized it. One day, my friend and I were going through the photos in my album. As I flipped through the pages, I realized that I had done the very thing that I had wanted to avoid. I had grown old! I had allowed life to sweep me up in its humdrum routine and I had not even realized it!

That was definitely going to change. It took me a while to figure out my finances but once that was done I had made my choice. I wanted to get away from everything. I wanted to experience freedom. That was precisely the reason why I chose to go to a small place called Milford Sound in New Zealand. When my friend heard my plans, she initially thought that I was crazy. It took me a while but I convinced her that I was perfectly sane. In fact, after I convinced her, she was all set to join me!

Milford SoundThat’s how the two of us set out to Milford Sound for a peaceful vacation. We checked in at our hotel which was a little way off from Milford Sound. The journey had been exhausting. I remembered coming across a nice range of Chardonnays from Advintage when I was doing my research. A good chilled wine is perfect when you want to relax, and that was the reason that we were here, so I ordered a few. We spent the night chatting over a delightful dinner and enjoying our chilled Chardonnay.

The wine was amazing! So it did not come as a surprise that we took a bottle with us as we toured the area. Every day was a picnic. We enjoyed the boat tours of the area. Some days were just spent on the banks of the Milford Sound with some amazing food and a great book. Peace… That was all that I had wanted.

New Zealand Milford SoundWe even got a little adventurous. We trekked our way to the Chasm. Did you know that the Cleddau river cuts its way through rocks to create a waterfall? All the exertion it took us to reach the falls was definitely worthwhile. The view was magnificent! One I will never forget and I don’t even require the photographs to remind me of it!

New Zealand was the perfect break from the monotonous life that I had found myself in. The trip came to an end to quickly! I did not want to leave. As an ardent nature lover, New Zealand represented all that I love about the world. It’s hard to let a good thing go. That however is just what I had to do. I looked down at the country from my window in the plane and vowed to return. For me New Zealand will always be a paradise on earth. I can’t stop myself from praying that it remains that way.

I know myself well enough… I will be venturing back to this beautiful country again. Maybe to a different part, but I am definitely coming back!