Enjoying Norway on a Budget

Beautiful Norway

I bent over to pick my packet of chips but oops! It was empty. I straightened my disappointed face to peep out of the window to see the beautiful roadside. It had been a tiring journey to Norway, but no worries, I am used to traveling now and then. My destination this time was Oslo. I had done some research and found Oslo a suitable place for my next destination. Oslo is the capital city of Norway, usually warmer during summer, and there are several interesting sites to see.

I had boarded a bus from the airport to get to a private room that I had rented in an apartment called Vettakollen That I had found and booked online. You know, for someone like me, cheaper options are always the best. The price was reasonable at about $31 per night, and I could interact with other guests as well! Who says I need to be alone? “Madam, her vi er”, the polite man told me as we pulled up to the apartment building.

My room was not that large; however I was alone and wanted somewhere quiet and comfortable, and this seemed to fit the bill, and It was well furnished. I arrived at the room at approximately 5:00 pm, a perfect time to do some shopping for my short stay in Norway.

Tired but still strong, I tossed my bags on the bed and headed out to the city center, which was about 12 minutes away by a shuttle. I bought some essentials like foodstuffs, washing detergents, utensils and some other small items. I found a great little supermarket called Rema 1000. I came to learn that it was a popular place for the frugal, as I was happily aware while adding up the total in my head. I had heard horror stories from fellow travelers about the prices in Norway, but so far I was feeling pretty confident with my decisions.. Now back to my room for some well needed rest.Oslo Parks

I ended up spending the bulk of my visit in Oslo, a green city which directs much of its traffic to underground tunnels. This way the natural beauty of the area is less obstructed. The city encourages public transportation to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads.

Oslo is known for its many culturally-rich museums.

A few of the Recommended Museums in Oslo, Norway

*National Museum – National Gallery

*Norwegian Museum of Technology. The first model cars.

*The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. The oldest and most expansive folk museum in Norway. 150 houses are featured as part of an open-air museum. Also known as The Norwegian Folk Museum.

*The Viking Ship Museum. Features ships from the 10th century and contains the best preserved Viking sea-ship on the globe.

Norway BeautyThe best part about seeing a landscape as magnificent as Norway is the sense of awe and wonder. Feeling the crisp air and drinking Norway’s ultra-fresh water. Norway is a country with breathtaking mountains, forest, waterfalls, coastline and glaciers. The number one draw is to the land itself where people go hiking, skiing and fishing. The coastline is rugged and etched with fjords. Fjords are U-shaped valley’s cut by glaciers. If you look at an aerial view map you can see the signature jagged teeth edges. The majority of my budget was spent going on a mini side adventure to see the fjords, taking a train-ride from Oslo. The fjords are considered a must for those who take the time to visit Norway. When people ask me about Norway, they always inquire, “Did you see the fjords?” Well, Now I can say, Yes,, I saw the Fjords… And I hope you can too someday.. 😉

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