Getting a Job in the Travel and Tourism Industry


There are very few people that don’t like a good traveling opportunity every once in a while, and then there’s the lucky group that manages to find a way to make a career out of the tourism industry.

Does it sound like this is something that you’d be interested in? If so, consider the five following ways to potentially help you get your foot in the door of being a professional tourist, including searching the web, heading out traveling, finding college programs that fit the bill, creating your own blog or channel, and contacting local resources.

HiringSearch the Web

Always begin the beguine with a job search on the web. There are plenty of avenues for you to try, and some of them are extremely specific as well as effective. Typing in a few general terms at first, see which job search sites seem to give you the best results and then add more details further into pages in order to get specific contact information for people in your desired industry.

Go Out Traveling

One very natural and organic way to get into the travel and tourism industry is by actually going out and traveling and being a tourist! And then talk to tour guides. Talk to hotel managers and restaurant owners. See if anyone needs help. Ask people about their career paths. Not only will you have a deeper experience on your trip, you might find that you have the vocational ability for a profession that could potentially keep you occupied for a good grip of time. You never know until you try.

Find College Programs that Fit

When you check out different college programs, see which ones might intersect with the tourism industry. For example, looking into colleges with the best hospitality programs, you’ll find that there’s a gigantic need for people just like you! Though the college route may take a bit longer and be more expensive that alternative methods, the payback is quite significant once you land that cushy job.

photoCreate Your Own Blog or Channel

There’s always an opportunity to create a blog or create a YouTube channel as well. These are long-term routes, but they have incredible benefits if you stick with them long enough and start receiving your advertising revenue once your content and your community gets strong enough.

Contact Local Resources

Finally, no matter where you live currently, there is probably some sort of tourist center. In small towns, it might be the community center. In larger cities, there are gigantic organizations. But whatever is closest to you, check to see if your amount of local expertise could help you in the overall hunt.


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