Holidaying in Majorca


Finances were getting tight but I needed to get away for a while. I browsed the net for days looking for a cheap holiday. The best deal that I found was a holiday in Majorca, Spain. I hadn’t been to Spain yet and the idea really piqued my interest. It took me a while to work out the details. I even asked around through my friends circles, yet no one wanted to join me. So I ended up traveling to Majorca on my own.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. I always got that way when traveling alone. I kept wondering whether I would get bored. The plane touched down, and I made my way to my hotel… The HSM Lago Park in Alcudia. I had an entire week booked at the place. The specialty of the hotel was that it provided their customers with quiet relaxation. Something that I was looking forward to.

Majorca beachThe hotel was great. I made my way to my room and unpacked. I was lucky. My room overlooked the pool. Since the pool looked so inviting I immediately changed into my swimsuit, grabbed my kindle, and set off. The weather was perfect. The cool water of the pool helped me take my mind off things. After exhausting myself in the water, I climbed out of the pool and rested on one of the beach chairs nearby.

The rest of the trip passed by in a blur. I visited numerous restaurants and the shops in the vicinity of the hotel. I didn’t want to go too far. It was not that I was scared but I didn’t want to get to exhausted as I was here to relax. The locals were cheerful and though their English was limited, they tried to communicate with the few words that they knew.

The beach was only 300 meters away from where I was staying. There I met some amazing people. It turns out that almost everyone from the hotel made their way down to the beach in the evenings. It was not long before I had set up a routine, beach volleyball, swimming, sunbathing and reading. The night however was meant to party. The group of friends that I had met really knew how to enjoy themselves. It was not long before I found myself enjoying their company too!

Majorca buildingsThe week flew by and soon it was time say goodbye to all my new friends. A few were continuing their stay and some had already left. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and vowed to stay in touch. They said that they would be planning a vacation again soon and that they would let me know. I was thrilled. I have always found it so difficult to find good company on my holidays, and this bit of news really excited me.

With the final pleasantries exchanged, I bid everyone goodbye, and it was time to return home. Luckily I had a bunch of good memories to keep me company on my journey home.

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