Holidays in Ibiza: Make use of your summer… The Party way!

Beach Ibiza

As the year is coming to a close and raindrops hit the windows, most people are thinking back to the fading memories of the wonderful summer days spent somewhere around the Mediterranean shores. However there is an island that has not been forsaken, an island that keeps the party on, an island that whoever visited will want to go back!

This experience comes in the form of a single phrase… holidays in IBIZA !!! Through the passing of years, Ibiza has always been a famous destination for party goers and water sports enthusiasts alike! The entertainments on offer are always varied and engaging. From the sunny Mediterranean shores and palm trees to the glamorous and vivid nightclubs, Ibiza has it all!


Are you a fan of surfing? You can try the Surf House Ibiza in San Antonio beach. What about flying like a spaceman on the water? You can try renting a flyboard in Playa d’en Bossa. However those are not the only available activities during the day. Fans of exploring can always apply for a scuba diving course and have an in depth look of the underwater life in the reefs surrounding the numerous beaches around the island. As for those who would like to take a boat tour and see the island from another perspective, boat rentals are widely available in decent prices. As always the sunny beaches are welcoming and offering a wide spectrum of experiences ranging from beach bars, to restaurants, to nightclubs for the lifestyle inclined party goers.

sunset IbizaNightlife

One of the most famous aspects of Ibiza is the thriving nightlife. From prestigious mega-clubs hosting the most successful DJs to pubs for the ones who would like a taste of home on a sunny setting! You can always enjoy music and drinks under the warm Mediterranean sun and when the sun goes down… That’s when the party’s on! Some of the most well-known nightclubs include Amnesia, space Ibiza and of course Pacha! That’s where the making of musical legends and epic nights have been taking place during the past 30 years! Do you want to be a part of their history?


Want to take a break from partying during your holidays in Ibiza? Ibiza Town is a sight to behold in itself. The setting of a cosy and cosmopolitan Mediterranean island and the amazing views promise not to disappoint. In case you want to get in touch with your hippy side, you can always visit the Hippy markets where selling and trading of the most imaginative clothing, jewelry and decorative ornaments takes place on a daily basis! Lastly, the Can Marça Caves offer the experience of entering an ancient smuggling route in which stalagmites and stalactites have taken the place of the former illegal contraband. Why not explore them?

All in all, having holidays in Ibiza is an experience that has to be lived to be understood! So, are you going to join the party?

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