Kakadu Park Australia


After such a beautiful time in Asia, I finally made it down under. I wasn’t always an adventurous person until I realized that life was passing me by as I gave excuses as to why I couldn’t do certain things. Once I decided to do something about all the adventures I had always dreamed of, I realized that I was actually a very adventurous person and that I loved the idea of exploring new terrains and spending time enjoying the outdoors, and one of the best places that I visited was the Kakadu National Park.
If you are looking for an amazing adventure in a wild, natural beautiful setting, kakadu is the place for you. When I got to the park, I actually couldn’t believe just how beautiful and natural kakadu was. It genuinely looked like something from the movies. It took my breath away.
Kakadu Park AustraliaWhen I did my research of Kakadu prior to my visit, I realized that you couldn’t possibly see and enjoy Kakadu in one day and that the best way to see Kakadu and truly appreciate all that it had to offer was by sparing a few days, preferably three to five days. I chose a three day adventure excursion and I must say, it was all that I had hoped for.
Day one started off at the bowali visitor center where the itinerary was explained to we and we got a chance to look to load up on some cold drinks that would keep us refreshed throughout the day. After that we headed up to the east alligator region on foot. It was a long walk but the views were absolutely breathtaking.
Saltwater Crok KakaduIn the evening we took a steep climb up to Ubirr which is basically a rocky layout that led us to some aboriginal rock arts that are several years old. By the time we got to the top, the sun was setting and the panoramic views from the top just made the day worth it.
Day two started off with a bush walk which was much more interesting because it brought us deeper into the east alligator region and the area had more vegetation giving it a jungle feel which made me feel like I was on the set of a movie. We ended up in Cooinda where we had a chance to cool off and even take a cold swim in the natural rivers. From there we took a cruise down to our camping area for the night.
On our last day, we went to the Jim Jim falls as well as the twin falls. The breeze from the waterfalls was quite refreshing and we spent most of the day enjoying the beautiful scenery and basking by the rivers.

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