Make Work Travel A Breeze

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Traveling for work can be a big headache. You have to wake up early to catch the red-eye, and then of course there are delays. Air travel is a pain even at the best of times, but doing it for work makes it all the worse because you are not headed for a fun vacation or a relaxing weekend. The knowledge that you are just headed for more stress (as well as worrying about whether the plane will land in time for your noon meeting) makes this hassle into a big pain!

Here are a few tips that will help you make your trip go as smoothly as possible. You will be an air travel pro, breezing through security and straight into first class!

Travel PlansPlan Ahead

Plan for your trip to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You will want to plan what time you get to their airport in order to have time to get through security. Figure out how you will be getting there – is someone giving you a ride or are you calling a cab?

Print your tickets at home to save additional time and avoid lines at the airport. Pack lightly and avoid checking a bag – this will save you from having to pick it up at baggage claim later.

Anticipate Security

At this point, everyone is used to long lines and taking their shoes off at the TSA, but somehow, there is always someone complaining about having to throw away their gallon-sized bottle of shampoo!

Be ready for the TSA checkpoint by wearing shoes that will be easy to take off and put on. Pack your bag so you can easily remove your laptop for scanning. A little forward planning will make your trip through airport security quick and easy.

You can also take the time to get registered with TSA PreCheck, essentially a background check that helps you get through airport security faster in the future.


If you travel for work frequently, you could be eligible for tons of benefits. You can redeem your frequent flyer miles to upgrade your seat to first class or get access to exclusive lounges in the airport, away from the loud speakers and shrieking kids can usually be found at every gate.

If you fly often enough, you may find that flight attendants even know your drink order ahead of time and have it ready for you at your seat. Airports love return customers and will always go the extra mile for a consistent client.

Outsource itOutsource It

Of course, if you really don’t want to bother with all the hassle of getting through the airport, you could always outsource it and have someone else handle everything. Some services will book everything for you, from your flight to your hotel reservation. They have worked with the airlines for years and know how to plan everything out optimally. If you really don’t want to deal with the massive headache that travelling can be, this type of company might be the best bet.

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