Most interesting architecture around the world


Everyone loves to see the sights when they travel, and one of the most interesting ways to get to know other cultures is through their architecture. If you’re keen on exploring the world, there are some sights you really shouldn’t miss.

The world’s greatest buildings

These incredible buildings are essential sights for anyone intrigued by architecture and engineering:

  • Hằng Nga guest house in Vietnam – this incredible work of art is influenced by avant-garde Russian designers. It ignores familiar geometric rules and is full of surprises. The guest house is surrounded by parkland that conceals bizarre giant animal carvings.
  • Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali – having survived the recent invasion, the Great Mosque is now more celebrated than ever, a sacred building that also happens to be the world’s largest mud construction, built in the Sudano-Sahelian style. Palm sticks, or toron, decorate the walls.
  • Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai, Thailand – also known as the White Temple, this fairytale palace is a modern interpretation of an ancient style. Full of symbolic structures that represent a spiritual journey, it’s built over a lake to add to its
  • Burj al Arab in Dubai – one of the tallest buildings in the world, this is built to resemble a sail looking out to sea, with its glass frontage reflecting sea and sky. It’s built on an artificial island, with 40m concrete piles as anchors, and it has a 180m-high atrium.
  • Sydney Opera House – a triumph of expressionist design, this stunning building turns Bennelong Point into the focal point of Sydney Harbor, but just as its concrete curves are intriguing on the outside, its inside is perfectly crafted to maximize its acoustic potential.

Amazing destinations

Sometimes, a whole place deserves to be celebrated for its architecture. These are places you’ll never forget:

  • Istanbul – the meeting point of East and West, a place where cultures fought for dominance by trying to outdo one another in art and architecture, this city is a showcase for the best of Medieval European and Ottoman design, with numerous elegant palaces and places of worship.
  • Paros – beauty meets livability in the Cycladic architecture that gives this Greek island its charm, with narrow streets, arched gateways, whitewashed walls, a range of shutters in bright shades of blue, and gardens full of flowers. Visitors can also spot Byzantine and Frankish buildings.
  • Yangon – now open to outsiders after decades of strict military rule, Myanmar’s largest city is a fascinating place to explore. As well as the famous Golden Temple, it’s home to superb examples of European colonial architecture, while traditional pagodas can be found hidden away in its magnificent parks.marrakech
  • Marrakech – inhabited since the Stone Age, this stunning Moroccan city mixes ancient Berber architecture with elaborate Moorish styles, red terracotta, and humble whitewashed walls around private orange groves with gold-embellished palaces and mosques.

These fascinating destinations are inspiring places to visit. If you’re an architecture student, they could transform the way you approach your work. If you’re simply a lover of beauty, they could give you thrilling ideas about how to reinvent your own home.




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