Oxford vs. Cambridge; A Beautiful Visit


The town of Oxford is beautiful, and booming with population growth and industry, as well as the beautiful university campus which seems to encompass most of the town. When I arrived at the hotel, the Oxford Holiday Inn, I noticed that it had a very cozy and welcoming feeling to it. The room itself is cozy and lovely, and is perfect for coming back to after touring Oxford and the surrounding areas and writing about it in my blog. The Oxford H.I. Hotel lends a great amount of accessibility to the town itself, and I was able to easily navigate to the sites I wished to visit.

Of course, my first stop beautiful Oxfordwas the beautiful university that is simply a must-see when in Oxford. I met with several professors and toured the campus. I was especially interested in the Christ Church College, which was absolutely amazing. Bodleian Library was also completely magnificent. After touring the university, I was able to visit several nearby museums, including the Museum of Art and Archaeology. While I had a splendid time touring Oxford, it was pleasant to return to a comfortable hotel room where I could peacefully write and relax after such a busy day of touring the town.

oxford from aboveMy next stop on my tour of England was Cambridge. Since I had such a wonderful experience with the Holiday Inn Oxford, I decided to stay at the sister hotel in Cambridge as well. I decided to stay in an executive room this time, and I was not disappointed in the quality and beauty of the room, as well as how wonderfully set up it was to work in. Since I was staying in Cambridge a bit longer than Oxford, this was the perfect arrangement and I highly recommend the H.I. Cambridge . This hotel was also nicely situated within the town, and it didn’t take me long at all to figure out how to navigate for sight seeing from the hotel.

cambridgeNot only did I visit the university here, but I also decided to do some fun activities while in town. I took a day wine class, and it was absolutely fabulous. I also decided to take a boat tour and a walking tour. Unfortunately the boat tour made me sea-sick, although the sites were fantastic. The walking tour was incredible and took me through the city to see truly amazing architecture. On my second day in Cambridge, I decided to take a flying tour of the city through the Aero club, and it was just breathtaking to see everything from the sky. Another exhausting trip and I was ready to get back to the hotel to sleep. When I arrived, the room felt welcoming and the bed itself was so comfortable that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Overall I had a wonderful time visiting Oxford and Cambridge. While the sights themselves were truly captivating and a great experience to visit, the hotels I stayed in during my trip really helped to make for a fantastic trip. It’s important to find a place to stay during travel where you feel comfortable and welcome, and the Holiday Inns at Oxford and Cambridge are exactly that.


This article was written in collaboration with IHG

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