Practical Souvenirs to Buy on Your Travels


It’s fun to buy souvenirs from wherever it is that you’re traveling, but it’s not always fun to spend the kind of money you can put out on tacky souvenirs that will more than likely collect dust on a shelf, or get thrown away once a couple years pass and the house gets overrun with clutter.

There is no reason to forgo buying souvenirs all together, as you definitely want keepsakes for the time you spend all over the world. Each item should speak of the culture from whence it came as well as breathe timelessness, and it should also be a practical item that you see yourself, or whoever you’re giving the gift to using it for years to come.

Here are ideas for practical souvenirs to buy on your travels.

collectablesHome Decor Items

Though home decor isn’t necessarily in the realm of practical, certain items that could be viewed as home decor certainly are. For example, you might think to purchase a beautiful statement piece for your dining room table that serves a practical function, as well as a decorative function.

Examples of such could be an authentic tablecloth, candlesticks, or even placemats. Items such as these will get used in the home, be seen by guests, and serve as a topic of discussion for years to come.

Treats You Can Eat

You will never go wrong when purchasing treats from another country to bring home and enjoy after your travels. Who doesn’t appreciate foreign wine, chocolate, and cheese, among other things? Every country has its delicacies that it’s famous for and you don’t want to miss out on them if you don’t have to.

Bring the romance and delectable delicacies home with you. You can even use the packaging for home decor once all the goodies have been eaten. It’s a foolproof plan. Nobody will be complaining if you bring them something that their palate will enjoy. Anybody who eats the treats will feel like they’re in whatever country that sweet surprise came from.

textilesTextiles for Those Cold Nights

Textiles are things that will never be underappreciated. They are not only beautiful and well made, they also serve to keep you and your loved ones warm during the coldest of times. You could buy a Scottish wool blanket or a sheepskin throw from Israel. No matter what you choose, these items will prove far more useful than a tacky souvenir any day.

In your search for these items, you’ll even place yourself in more circumstances where you will meet great people, see beautiful things and learn about the very cultures you’re visiting. It sure is a beautiful thing, so happy traveling.

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