The Road Less Traveled: Driving Along the Highways of Atlantic Canada

Acadian Coast

Atlantic Canada offers some of the most majestic views and scenic drives in the country. With amazing stops along the way, these drives offer you an incredible driving experience when you want to get away in your car and take a driving vacation. If you are planning a long weekend or a holiday getaway, be sure to keep these scenic drives in mind.

Acadian Coastal Drive 

New Brunswick features a myriad of scenic areas, but if you are looking for a gorgeous driving experience, be sure to take the Acadian Coastal Drive. This 440km stretch provides dazzling views of sandy beaches. You can stop off to explore fishing villages and picturesque coastal towns. Hovering along the eastern coast of New Brunswick, the drive connects Dalhousie to Aulac. Because the beaches are regarded as some of the best (and warmest) swimming in the country, you might want to set aside some time for beach combing and getting a few laps in.

Viking Trail

Newfoundland’s amazing past is the star of the Viking Trail, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Trail. This enchanting stretch includes two of Canada’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including North America’s one and only Viking site in L’Anse aux Meadows. Then, it’s only fitting to explore the natural wonders of Gros Morne National Park, which is home to revered sites like Bonne Bay, Western Brook Pond, and the Tablelands.

Wine RouteNova Scotia’s Wine Route

Located along Nova Scotia’s northern edge, the wine route is a romantic journey that is ideal for vacationers in search of vineyards, wineries, and even a bit of whale watching along the coast. The drive is situated near various wineries that can be visited for wine tastings. The 867km route is also home to a distillery that boasts the first-produced single malt whisky on the continent. Because the drive encompasses the Bay of Fundy, you’ll want to pull over to enjoy some views of the waves, known to be some of the highest in the world. As with any long drive, you want to make sure your car is in top shape. If you are not sure your car can make the trip, why not visit the Dodge Atlantic dealership and discuss a trade in.

Points East Coastal Drive 

Situated on charming Prince Edward Island, Points East Coastal Drive is a delightful route that includes as many as six lighthouses that can be toured during the summer. Be sure to set aside some time to spend at Greenwich Dunes to walk its “floating boardwalk.” There are some great bike trails located off the drive, so you might consider hauling your bike along for the journey.Anne of Green Gables

Central Coast Drive

The Central Coast Drive is one of the most popular in Eastern Canada for its association with the celebrated children’s book character Anne of Green Gables. Be sure to book a stay at a bed and breakfast or quaint in when you pass through Victoria-by-the-Sea. If you’re looking for more activity, exciting Charlottetown is also a fun place to hang your hat for a while when traveling this scenic route.

The Atlantic coast of Canada has many other great drives, but these are among its most celebrated. Be sure to chart your course and get out there while the weather is fair!

Lydia Smith is a youth worker and a part-time travel guide. She enjoys sharing her insights with an online audience. Her thoughts can be found on a number of travel blogs.

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