Top Norwegian Fjords You Absolutely Have To See Before You Die

Norway fjord

It is quite impossible to see a fjord up close and not want to do this again and again. The Norwegian fjords are simply stunning, sights that are incredible and great places to experience adventures of different kinds. The only problem is choosing just a few. That is hard.

Based on the experience of people at the Travel Tipsor blog, the following need to be considered. Obviously, the choice is subjective so you do want to conduct your very own extra research.


Nordfjord is highly popular because of the blend of fun activities available, historic sites and scenery. It does not really matter what the season is with this fjord. There are always many things that you can see and you can even enjoy a boat cruise that takes you through the fjord region, adding activities like water skiing, speed boating, fishing, canoeing and rafting. Snow skiing on glaciers and slopes is possible during the winter.


When compared with other Norway fjords, Lysefjord is quite small. However, hundreds of thousands of visitors go there every single year. A large part of the appeal is Pulpit Rock. Its flat plateau offers quite an interesting adrenaline rush. Just look for pictures and you will have the same feeling. If you are looking for some rock climbing or great photos, make sure that you also consider Kjerag Mountain, which is nearby.


This is the third largest of the world’s fjords but size is not the only appeal. The entire region is vibrant, being located in the wonderful Orchard Of Norway, filled with gardens and colorful fruit trees. You will want to visit during the month of May as apple trees blossom. Kayaking will be a great activity for travellers and if you are in the area, make sure that you visit the most spectacular of Norway’s waterfall, Voringsfossen.


The scenery here is filled with really majestic mountains and deep blue waters. That is why the fjord is really popular among tourists. We recommend that you consider being on a sightseeing cruise and that you visit Seven Sisters, a really beautiful waterfall. You can go winter skiing, fishing is great and you will love river rafting in the region. Hiking is also great because of the dramatic views you will see.


Last but not least, Sognefjord needs to be included on any list of the most spectacular fjords in Norway. It is the largest and offers so many great opportunities for adventure and fun. The most popular of the sightseeing options include Urnes, Aurlandsdalen Valley and the Gudvangen Viking Village.


These 5 fjords are simply wonderful and you will want to consider a visit to any of them but, as we already mentioned, the choice can be quite subjective. You need to be sure that you look at all the fjords that Norway has to offer. Most of them offer a unique experience that you will surely appreciate. Plan your vacation carefully and be sure that you will love what you will experience.

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