Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Fabulous While Traveling


Travel can be extremely hard, not only physically and mentally, but on appearances as well. Nobody likes taking an overnight flight, or traversing across the world, hopping from plane to plane with no place to shower. You make do by brushing your teeth in the crowded airplane or airport bathroom, but it’s nowhere near comfortable.

Luckily for you, there are tips to looking fabulous while traveling that you might not be aware of. Say goodbye to greasy hair, smelly clothes and awkward situations. Here’s your ticket.

Be Mindful of the Products You Use

There is no way to completely avoid the grease that comes with not washing your hair. It’s natural and actually very good for your scalp, but no one wants it visible when in close proximity to hundreds and hundreds of people at the airport. The trick is to be mindful of the products you are using, and when.

One trick to stopping your hair from getting oily quickly is to be careful of the lotions you’re putting on your hands and skin. When you apply lotions to your hands or skin, you will likely be transferring it to your hair, unwittingly.

Everyone likes to comb their hands through their luscious locks, but if you do this while you have lotion still on your hands, you will quickly coat your hair with the stuff and it will appear oily, very quickly.

Dry shampoo is also your best friend. Try getting it in powder form in a small container instead of a spray aerosol can, as it might be confiscated at security.

Pack An Extra, Portable Toothbrush

This is the best advice you could take. Go to the store and buy a small, portable toothbrush and toothpaste to pack with you in your carry on. Even if your makeup is rubbed off and your clothes are stained, you’ll feel so much better if you’re able to brush your teeth.

Bring Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes will be multipurpose for you. Not only will you be able to clean the makeup off your face at the end of a long day traveling, you even be able to freshen up other areas that need a little help.  Don’t be caught without them, they just might save your day.

What to packPack Extra Undergarments in Your Carry On

If you do this, you’ll be extremely thankful later. It’s pretty self explanatory, but having extra undies in your bag will help not only if your luggage gets delayed, but also if you are traveling over the span of a couple days without a break.

Even with dirty hair and no makeup, fresh undergarments make you feel like a new human.


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